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Wella Proffesional
System proffesional
HAIRCUTS – modern due to perfect form, adjusted to match customers‘ individual needs and lifestyle by applying various hair cutting techniques. Finally, every hair strain will be in the right place to make finalizing your hairstyle as simple as possible.
MEN’S HAIRCUTS – we focus on clients, who are looking for high-quality services. We make sure to create a perfect hairstyle, that grows up nicely and acknowledges the customers’ individuality.
HAIR COLOR AND HAIR STREAKS TECHNIQUES – from easy to complicated, with natural look or full of contrast. Of course, this depends on customers‘ requirements. We are using products by Wella, mostly Blondor, Magma, Koleston Perfect, Color Touch and others.
FORMAL HAIRSTYLES – for all kinds of special occasions (wedding, ball, prom, date, photoshooting, party...). We are mostly trying to match the hairstyle with the dress, face shape, hair type, but also with the courage of the person wearing it and the intended occasion.
MAKE-UP – as an inseparable part of the overall styling, it is necessary to match the make-up with the whole look, as well as with the individual needs of the customer. We are working with decorative cosmetics by ARTDECO.
We have been working with the company Wella over 10 years.
The quality of hair colors by Wella is exceptional (it satisfies customers‘ individual needs, assures long-lasting and stable color shade and hair shine).
Koleston Perfrect - permanent hair color with 100% gray cover
ILLUMINA - NEW permanent hair color with 100% gray cover and MICROLIGHT technology, which protects your hair and makes it incredibly shiny. The hair looks very natural and younger after coloring.
Color Touch - semi permanent color, covers the first gray hair and contains beeswax, which nourishes your hair and makes it shiny
Colour Touch plus - semi permanent color, covers up to 70% of gray hair.
We are using a special appliance by Wella - HAIRSPA, adding extra hydration and shine to your hair due to a unique steaming system. This system helps colors or treatments to deeply nourish hair fibers and secure more intensive and long-lasting outcome.

SP- system professional

exclusive product range of Wella (medical cosmetics treating scalp skin problems, as well as nourishing your hair and adding extra shine)

SPJM - SP Just Men

product range designed especially for men. Suitable for sensitive skin and discreet moreover (product range contains not only shampoos and gels, but also products like anti-hair loss serum or men pigment mousse for gray hair in a practical package to apply at home)

SP Sun

special care for sun-exposed hair (perfect hydration and UV protection from the sun, hair colors do not fade and the hair is not damaged)

SP styling

The product range of final hair styling, adding volume and shine to your hair

SP infusions

Personalized „tailor made“ treatment (intensively and deeply nourishes hair or scalp skin, treats two problems at once and lasts 3-4 weeks. SP infusion enhances the hair mask effect by 70%.)


During many years of experience I have gained a number of certificates and awards in the field of haircuts, hair coloring, hair streaks, as well as formal hairstyles and chignons.

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